Mac DeMarco – October 2012

It took me a long while to write this review, simply because I didn’t (and don’t) know if I’m fully expressing how this album makes me feel.

DeMarco’s first full length LP shows care and dedication, as felt by the critics. The canadian gets more mature, while compared to Rock and Roll Night Club‘s Mac daddy. Well, at least regarding his work.

Listening to this piece of work end-to-end can only be described as a trip to the most violently goofy yet sweetly melancholic place in the universe. It sort of came out to me as being depressed and high on a sunny day. That’s just me, as far as I’m concerned it could just make you want to play Monopoly on a cold winter night.

It’s impossible not to get caught though, as you lay down sedated by the grooviest guitar you’ve ever heard and listen to this man sing about family, love, loss, drugs, cigarettes, hopes and dreams. And the funniest part is, there’s not a “connection” song, no breaking point. Every song fits so well into the next one, one can only sit back and wish to die in peace to the sound.

When you recover from the DeMarco-induced comma, I suggest peeking into his live performances, such as this one

Huge respect for such a genuine individual, capable of showing it through the music he makes.


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