Plastic Beach

Gorillaz – March 2010

If you happen to blindly love Gorillaz as the one band to press play and chill out to, then this is it. This is the album.

It’s no surprise to anyone that Damon Albarn‘s got his own magic way of doing things, and this unbalanced roller coaster of fast-paced songs and trippy, smooth and spongy ones called Plastic Beach is the epitome of his self-expression and, in my opinion, his best work within the band.

Faithful to their image, the virtual quartet keeps the songs cartoony, sugar-coated and light as always, even on their darkest moments (hear Broken and To Binge), with a moody, rich and attractive environment.

Even though the Britannic singer comes through with impeccable vocals all along the entire record, it’s imperative to note the astonishing performances from all the invited singers. I once heard someone say “They [Gorillaz] pretty much go grocery shopping for their collaborators”, and i couldn’t agree more: we hear Snoop Dogg, Mos Def, Lou Reed, etc. flowing effortlessly into the songs they perform in.

The cherry on top has to be Little Dragon‘s contribution. Lead vocalist and percussionist Yukimi Nagano‘s voice was the best addition to the album, helping build Empire Ants and To Binge which, for me, are the album’s masterpieces.


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