Kid A

Radiohead – October 2000

This is one of the most polarizing albums ever edited. This is one of those albums you hardly «kind of like». There are people who consider Kid A to be one of the best (if not the best) experimental electronic albums ever made and others who simply lost their interest in the band after its release.

Following what is probably the best album released by Radiohead (OK Computer), this album feels like a breakpoint in the troupe’s story line, from which nothing would be like before. It came out as a vent from the exhausting times they had had composing and touring their previous work.

Kid A starts with this electronic kind of melancholy “Everything in its right place” fitting Thom’s voice perfectly in a gloomy but also kind of appealing environment that works incredibly well in their live performances.

The album progresses into this heavy electronic vibe with highlights like The National Anthem and Idioteque, an all time fan favourite with great “on stage energy.

We also need to talk about How to disappear completely, once described by Thom Yorke himself as “the most beautiful thing we have ever made”. This heartbreaking song feels exactly like the ultimate disassociation with the past (“That there, that’s not me”).

Concluding, Radiohead were able to produce one of the most influential conceptual records of the past decade that feels weird at first but, after giving it some time to settle, becomes one of the best albums you ever listened to and ever will.


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