Bottomless Pit

Death Grips – May 2016

This album was my launchpad into Death Grips and i couldn’t be more surprised, and horrified, and thankful.

The “ride” starts right on Giving Bad People Good Ideas: I didn’t even realize this album incorporated experimental hip-hop until Hot Head came along, as I got caught in such a rushed mixture of heavy synthesizer work and harsh vocals.

Most reputable critics seem to agree the Californians got more cohesive with their industrial, grotesque lyrics, as opposed to what happens in some of their previous works. I cannot confirm this, but it does sound like someone is punching you in the face with the right words, if you focus  long enough on what MC Ride is saying (Bubbles Buried In This Jungle and Spikes are two very good examples of this).

All around, it’s a pretty good listen if you need a dose of angry vocals and headbangingly nice drum/synthesizer synergy.


2 thoughts on “Bottomless Pit

  1. For me, death grips is like a blind pig. His concinnity, so couthy, it’s ineffable. I would be hinky if i didn’t see some influence from eXquire, Spoek Mathambo or XV. Anyway, before i start becoming blatherskite, hear Danny Brown, it’d be a complete eucatastrophe for u. My next velleity is Nine Inch Nails.

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